Agnieszka Lendzion loves dreaming, but even more she loves to see her dreams fulfilled. One of them was a professinal exhibition which inaugurated the opening of the new gallery of the Secondary School of fine Arts in Gdynia-Orłowo, her mother school, nine years ago. The next time happened in 1999 when she received a research grant from the Minister of Culture and Art for herd hard work and stubbornness. Since that time she has been showing her work on more than ten exhibitions, in her homeland and abroad, always accompanying the most important cultural events connected with the art of dance and Gdańsk – the city where twenty-six years ago she was born, got her education and grew up. The photoalbum “Old New Gdańsk” edited in 2003 with a help of her father, a professional photographer, journalist and the teacher of life perception, received an important Pomeranian award.
Agnieszka is a winner of many awards, including research grants from the City of Gdańsk, City of Bremen and Marshal of the Pomeranian Voievodship for creating the album “Dancing Life Philosophy”. A graduate of the graphic faculty of The Academy of Humanities and Academics in Łódź, she also finished architecture studies at State Architectural School. She is currently a photography student at The National Film, Television & Theatre School.
She is constantly looking for answers on the questions she asks through her art. How to describe today’s world with classical beauty on photography? How to catch a need of maximum in minimum? How to shock with peace when you want to scream?
Agnieszka Lendzion, a woman with dreams and crazy ideas, is not afraid to show her unique other personality. In the age of controversial, exaggerated and incomprehensible art she wants to get to people with a new beauty. An exsquisite, subtle beauty. She wants to create a new quality of dance as a medium in photography. She dreams about “making her photographies move” and – creating movies.

Most important exhibitions:
  • 1998 Oświęcim "Ansichten - Poglądy" a collective Polish-German-Swiss-Austrian exhibition
  • 2000 50 years of Baltic Opera in Gdańsk - a collective exhibition. Gdańsk.
  • 2000 "A Ballet" Dworek Sierakowskich. Sopot
  • 2000 "Autumnal Nostalgy"on the occasion of 25th anniversary of city partnership between Gdańsk and Bremen. Bremen.
  • 2001 "Gdańsk in Photography". Bremen.
  • 2002 "Dance" 4th Baltic University of Dance. The Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdańsk.
  • 2002 An exhibition on the occasion of the premiere of the "Don Quixote" ballet. Baltic Opera in Gdańsk.
  • 2003 "Dance". Ustka.
  • 2003 Constant exhibition of the classical ballet photography. Baltic Opera in Gdańsk.
  • 2003 "Dance" International Days of Ballet. The Academy of Humanities and Academics in Łódź, Grand Theatre. Łódź.
  • 2003 "Dance" Theatre of the Eighth Day. On the occasion of the 10th Biennale of the Modern Dance. Poznań.
  • 2003 "Emotions". A Union of Polish Artists and Designers Gallery. Gdańsk.
  • 2003 "Rain, Life and Love in Bremen" on the occasion of handing the Erich Brost award for partner cities. Gdańsk
  • 2004 "Rain, Life and Love in Bremen". Bremen.
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